Notice of Change of Company Name
Company name changed: "One River International Ltd" changed to "One River Electronics Limited"
5G Specs Get Last Minute Update
5G Specs Get Last Minute Update,3GPP update forces carrier/suppler realignment
Renesas to Pitch Baby-step AI for Factories
Renesas to Pitch Baby-step AI for Factories, AI goes inside Renesas MCUs, Dynamically Reconfigurable Processors
KX-5000 series 8 core processors and ZX-200 IO extended chips appear at the Chinese independent brand Expo
As we all know, China still spends a huge amount of money on importing integrated circuits every year.
Alibaba Acquires C-Sky
2018-04-23 00:14:45Alibaba Acquires C-Sky
What is mcu?
2018-05-17 20:51:27What is mcu?
what is mcu?AND According to their basic operations to deal with the media data bits.
What is the difference between microprocessor,microcontroller and digital signal processor?
difference between microprocessor,microcontroller and digital signal processor
Indian Prime Minister Modi : India needs to quickly apply blockchain technology
Indian Prime Minister Modi : India needs to quickly apply blockchain technology
New Lines to Fuel Semiconductor Production Expansion
An infusion of new semiconductor manufacturing lines - particularly for DRAM memory - is forecast to drive an above average increase in total industry wafer capacity in 2018 and 2019.
Chinese Firm to Open UK Chip R&D Center
Parent company of Dynex Semiconductor to employ about 200 engineers at site in Birmingham, England.
Q'com Snags 5G OEMs, Carriers
In the race to 5G cellular, Qualcomm announced 19 OEMs who will use its Snapdragon X50 and 18 carriers who will conduct field trials with it.
Qualcomm Rejects Revised Broadcom Offer
SAN FRANCISCO — Qualcomm's board of directors unanimously rejected a sweetened acquisition proposal worth $121 billion from Br ...
Earbuds Go Beyond Entertainment
Earbuds are not widely esteemed as a hotbed for new technology development. But while few people were watching, these little audio gadgets have gone remarkable evolution.
Sigfox Founder Seeks ROI in IoT
A Sigfox founder talks about the goal to make his low power, wide area network for the Internet of Things break even by the end of the year.
The Stealth Winners in iPhone X
iPhone X teardowns focused on logic ICs have been there, done that. But the untrodden ground Apple has broken is in areas such as optical modules, MEMS, packaging and PCB technologies, according to Sy
Nokia, Q'comm Prep for 5G Trials
Nokia and Qualcomm showed a lab demo of a 5G cellular connection for ten carriers they hope will take the technology to field trials this year.
Apple Watch Pulls Further Ahead of Competitors
Apple increased shipments of its Apple Watch by 54 percent last year, including shipping 9 million in the fourth quarter alone, a record for any wearable, according to market watcher Canalys.
Taiwanese IP Firm Bets on Crypto Technology
eMemory Technology, the world's seventh-largest IP vendor, expects its physically unclonable function (PUF) technology to continue the company's strong growth as security issues in the semiconductor i
Chip Market Caps Record Year With Strong December Sales
Chip sales cap 2017 with record monthly and quarterly sales, topping $400 billion in a year for the first time.
Nvidia Partners with Continental on Robocars
Nvidia and Continental have partnered to develop self-driving vehicle systems built on Nvidia platform. The partnership with Nvidia is neither the first nor an exclusive deal for Continental as it als
Can Ex-Intel Exec Succeed with Old ARM SoC?
Ampere unveiled its team and an ARM-based server SoC. Headed by Renee James, a former Intel president, it's set to go after Intel-dominated data center server market with its first product designed by
Carriers Step Away from ASICs
Three chip vendors now support the P4 programming language, the basis for open source networking software from the carrier-led Open Networking Foundation.
Apple Overtakes Samsung in Smartphone Shipments
Apple regains top position in global smartphone shipments on the popularity of new releases: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
Renesas SoC to Double EyeQ5 Efficiency
Renesas Electronics is pumped up. In store for its roadmap is a yet-to-be-announced next-generation R-CAR SoC, designed for deep learning. The new SoC, sampling next year, will deliver more than 5 tri
Cypress Caps Rebound Year With Strong Q4
In his first full year at the helm, Hassane El-Khoury guides Cypress to 21 percent sales growth and says there's more growth on the way.
Apple's Sales Hit New High
2018-02-02 03:00:09Apple's Sales Hit New High
Slight dip in iPhone unit sales more than offset by higher ASPs as Apple logs another blowout quarter.
Bernecker & Rainer (B&R) ACOPOS P3 - Teardown
B&R ACOPOS P3 is a compact, efficient and precise servo drive with integrated safety functions. It is ideal for use in automotive, printing, packaging, handling and robotics, as well as any process wh
Chip Heads Gauge Silicon Roadmap
Top technologists from AMD, ARM, and Intel shared their views on the semiconductor roadmap and Moore's law in a panel at DesignCon.
February 2018 Cartoon Caption Contest: Ive Got the Power
Our second cartoon caption contest for 2018 has some captivating possibilities.“Your caption here!”Our challenge to you ...
Charges, Apple Dispute Drag on Qualcomm
Fabless chip giant reports big loss despite better than expected sales as charges related to the repatriation of money parked overseas and fines -- as well as ongoing dispute with Apple -- dragged dow
AI Expands Role in Design
2018-01-31 13:00:05AI Expands Role in Design
Researchers reported progress using a basket of machine-learning techniques across an expanding set of chip and system design issues.
European Display Tech Firms Get Funding
Two European firms developing new display technologies announced venture capital funding.
Samsung, Apple Pad Lead in Chip Buying
Electronics powerhouses top list of semiconductor buyers for the seventh straight year, adding more than $20 billion combined to the total they spent on chips in 2016.
Imagination Improves Virtualized GPU Core to Support Multiple Screens
Imagination Technologies announced a new GPU core that supports hardware virtualization specifically for the automotive environment.
Female Founder Puts EDA in the Cloud
Natasha Baker took a piece of printed circuit board design to the cloud with her startup, SnapEDA, paving a high road for female entrepreneurs.
NYU Spinoff Develops 5G Emulator
Millilabs, a startup coming from NYU Wireless, has developed a technology that emulates 5G mmWave antennas and the over-the-air channel for testing the 5G new radio at mmWave frequencies.
China Foundry Seeks Shared Model
CanSemi, a new billion-dollar fab based in Guangzhou, China, aims to attract funding from fabless vendors, a new model for China's rapidly expanding chip sector.
ST Makes it Official: Chery to Succeed Bozotti
Marc Chery, heir apparent of European chipmaker, will succeed Carlo Bozotti as president and CEO later this year.
Intel Promises More Secure Chips This Year
In announcing record fourth quarter and full year sales for 2017, Intel said is working on chips that address the security vulnerabilities disclosed earlier this month and plans to begin releasing the
China Forecast to Miss Chip Targets
China will fall far short of its targets for expanding its semiconductor industry, but the year ahead in chips looks good, a veteran analyst said.
Did Tesla Flunk 'Interpretation' Test?
A Tesla operating on Autopilot at 65 mph crashed into a stalled fire truck on the highway. We asked automotive experts to weigh in with the questions raised in their minds - especially related to Tesl
JDI's Finger Sensor: Too Little Too Late?
In search of a new market beyond smartphones, Japan Display unveiled a glass-based capacitive fingerprint sensor. Although its TFT-based fingerprint sensors have certain advantages over silicon-based
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